How Apple Transforms Their Customers Into Heroes

How Apple Transforms Their Customers Into Heroes

“This is going to change the world,” I thought.

I’ll never forget unboxing my first iPhone. I was excited. I’d waited for this moment for months. I’d visualized ripping open the box and diving into the new technology headfirst, occasionally coming up to breathe or to get snacks, but only as necessary.

When I finally got my hands on the box, I paused. It was beautiful. The texture was smooth, perfect. Not like other boxes. I turned it over in my hands and pulled the top off, feeling the suction releasing, then gently set the lid on the table. My eyes landed on the phone. But I was no longer a ravenous consumer. The thoughtful, beautiful packaging transformed me into a curious explorer.

In recent years, Apple has used the word “magic” frequently. Their products do not exist to fill a technology void. Instead, they are the manifestation of their creators’ desire to bring magic to every customer’s life.

In our technology-centric, consumer-oriented society, it is easy to approach every new piece of technology like candy on Halloween. Tear off the packaging as tunnel vision sets in, and the world fades. Devour the contents then collapse into a daze of gluttonous euphoria.

But that’s no way to approach magic.

Magic should be awe-inspiring. An enhancement to the world, not an escape from it. Reverence and respect must abound–as if you are hefting Excalibur from its stone. A tool worthy of a hero.

When I unboxed my first iPhone, I became something I wasn’t before. I held an artifact in my hand that made me capable of accomplishing things I couldn’t previously.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” I heard as I weighed my new tool in my hands.

As business owners and leaders, if we want to be truly successful we must consider how each moment of our customer’s experience helps transform them into the hero they want to be. From the first encounter to the last.

Your marketing is often the first place your customer experiences your brand. Does it begin their heroic journey? Is it a step toward helping them become a better version of themselves?

What about when your customer actually interacts with your product or service? Think of Apple’s packaging. They are leaders in beautiful design and intentional packaging that makes their customer proud of their purchase, before they’ve even used it. Consider ways you can use each moment to further your customer on their journey to becoming a hero.

Our responsibility to each customer is to help them transform into the hero they dream of. When that is your focus, you will see more people respond, and your business will grow.

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, I know how to engage in your customer’s journey and help them become the hero. If you need help, schedule a call today. I’d love to hear about your goals and discuss how to get you there.

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