We had been working for weeks, and I kept confronting the same problem:

My team wasn’t on the same page.

At the outset of the project, I was put in charge. It was my idea, why not have me lead it? I got to pick my team, so I chose people who I knew would “get it.” At first, I didn’t spend much time telling everyone why the project was worthwhile. I assumed they would all know; it was a great idea after all.

But they didn’t get it. Each time we got together I found myself more confused at how far off track people were getting. Had they forgotten why we were here? Did they not care? Were they not invested? Confusion turned into frustration as I wrestled with these questions and repeated the same “Why We’re Here” conversations over and over.

In the midst of my frustration, I didn’t take the time to step back and evaluate the root of the problem. Looking back, I can see what I did wrong. The problem was not with the vision I had cast or the project we were working on; it was much simpler.

I was confusing my team.

I assumed my idea was so good everyone would jump on board, so I didn’t tell them why we were there or what their roles were. Even when I tried, I didn’t communicate in a way they could understand.

And while I was running around putting out fires of misalignment and confusion, I didn’t notice the full extent of the damage. Here are three ways my poorly aligned team was accidentally working against me.

1. Wasting time on unnecessary tasks

Good people work like dogs to do what they think you want. Unfortunately, when they aren’t sure what you want, they do all that work on the wrong things. That’s time and money spent on unhelpful tasks that you can’t get back.

2. Low staff morale

Nobody likes feeling confused. It’s one of those emotions that’s uncomfortable, and people quickly cover it up with another emotion, often anger or resentment. They blame you for feeling confused then let it morph into anger.

Your team goes from being motivated to frustrated before you know what’s happened. No one wants to show up for work, they don’t bring their best ideas to the table, and you are the one who has to pick up all the pieces.

3. High turnover

People want to win. I know, in this day and age, it’s not politically correct to talk about winning vs. losing. But that doesn’t make it less true. So let me repeat myself: People want to win. They want to be on winning teams.

Your staff is devoting 40+ hours every week to you and your business, and they want it to matter. When you don’t communicate well you drag your team down. They aren’t able to accomplish as much, and they know it. Your best staff members won’t put up with poor performance; they’ll leave. 

You’ll end up with a complacent team with folks who don’t care about winning and don’t want to be there.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

At this point, you know how the StoryBrand Framework can help you clarify your message and increase conversions on your website. But did you also know that it can solve your communication problems?

When you clarify your message by creating a BrandScript, you can use it for more than just your website. You can take your clear message and turn it into a one-liner that reminds your staff why they’re on your team. In fact, you can have each department and each team create a BrandScript to help clarify their mission.

Creating your BrandScript is easy.

1. Create a free account at MyStoryBrand.com
2. Watch the intro video and answer the questions for each section
3. Post your BrandScript where your team can see and walk them through it

Confusion eliminated!

With a clear BrandScript, your team can double-check that each task they’re working on directly contributes to your goals. You won’t deal with confusion dragging down staff morale. And with this laser-focus, you’ll get more done every day.

Imagine how different your business would be if every team in your organization were united and laser-focused.

  • Whole teams united around a common goal
  • Every hour devoted to mission-critical and business-building tasks
  • Clearly defined goals leading to better teamwork and increased morale

Unity and alignment like this are possible. Create your free account at MyStoryBrand.com and make it happen!

If you need help clarifying your message, call me. Having a set of expert eyes on your BrandScript can be the difference between mediocre and laser-focused.

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