What is the StoryBrand Framework?

What is the StoryBrand Framework? People often have a difficult time creating real understanding between themselves and their listener. This is especially true in business. Did you know that when you're not clear—when you confuse your customers—you lose money? When...

How Puppies Help Us Communicate

My wife and I just got a puppy.He’s cute and floppy and wants to play and have fun all the time.And he has no idea what we’re saying.Katie and I have had dogs our entire lives. After you’ve had a dog for awhile, you kind of figure each other out. One of...

People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy Emotions

Many people aren't sure why people buy their product. They know it's good, it's worth buying, but talking about it in a way people understand is difficult. People often figure out what they're selling and stop there. Socks, laptops, tea, you name it....

“Everyone” is Not Your Customer

"Everyone" Is Not Your Customer When I first started my business, I made a big mistake. I believe in StoryBrand. I think the StoryBrand Framework can solve most companies' marketing problems. So I went out and attempted to convince local businesses that I could help...

How to Speak Your Customers’ Language

A person's decision to buy your product is not based on how well it solves their problem. Thousands of fantastic products that solve consumers' problems go overlooked every day. They sit on shelves and look beautiful on websites. But people walk past...

How Apple Transforms Their Customers Into Heroes

"This is going to change the world," I thought.I'll never forget unboxing my first iPhone. I was excited. I'd waited for this moment for months. I'd visualized ripping open the box and diving into the new technology headfirst, occasionally coming up to...

How Distractions Are Sabotaging Your Business

You have the best product on the market, but your sales don’t go up as you hope. Want to know why?You know your products or services are high quality. In fact, you’ve done the research. You’ve looked at your competition, tried out their products, and you...

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