You have the best product on the market, but your sales don’t go up as you hope. Want to know why?

You know your products or services are high quality. In fact, you’ve done the research. You’ve looked at your competition, tried out their products, and you know it’s true—you are the best at what you do (even if you don’t say it out loud).

But your sales aren’t as high as theirs.

You’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into growing your business. Spent and lost money. Risked your livelihood to get the business off the ground. People should be buying your products!

It’s frustrating to hear the “other guys” boast about hitting their goals. Or to talk to someone who just bought from them instead of from you. If your products are better then why are people buying from them?

I’ll tell you why:

People understand your competition better than you.

Your customers’ brains have so much going on. They are going a million miles an hour figuring out how they can improve their lives, get a promotion, or have more fun.

The “other guys” aren’t your only competition. Your competition also includes all the noise and distractions in your customers’ lives. In fact, when someone encounters your brand, products, or services, their brain is desperately trying to conserve energy.

There are already so many things knocking on that brain, seeking attention, it doesn’t want to think about your product. It just wants to keep that person living well.

Because of all this, people don’t buy the best products. Most of the time, they don’t even want to figure out which one is best. People buy the products they can understand the fastest.

You see, with all the distractions and thoughts buzzing around in your customers’ brains, you must communicate your product clearly and simply to get a response. If your customers’ brains can understand what you do and how it helps them live better without having to think about it, you win.

Clarity cuts through the noise and makes it easy for them to understand you.

You don’t need to make things up about your business or turn into a salesperson; you just need to be clear. 

Chances are you already solve the problem your customers are experiencing. They just don’t know you solve it because they haven’t taken the time to figure out what you do or what you’re trying to tell them.

Look at your website for three seconds. Can you answer these three questions:

1. What do you do?
2. How does it make your customers’ lives better?
3. How do they buy?

If you can’t answer those three questions when you first land on your website you have some room to increase your clarity and grow your sales.

Click here to download our free PDF: 3 Simple Steps to a Website that Sells. It will walk you through the first steps toward clarity and help you cut through the distractions in your customers’ lives so they understand what you’re saying and why they should buy.

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