When it comes to our websites, many people make a simple, but detrimental mistake.

  • Real estate agents are guilty.
  • Financial advisors are guilty.
  • Doctors and chiropractors are guilty.
  • You might be guilty.

Before I tell you what it is, see if you can guess what’s wrong with this website.

I mean, it’s kind of sexy. But take a minute and tap into your emotions. How does it make you feel?


In fact, I feel a little confused. Are they selling wood? What does a wood wall have to do with growing my business?

No matter how “cool” this website is, I’m not moved toward a buying decision.

Now look at this website:

Start that conversation with your emotions again. How do you feel now? Good! I feel happy and excited. I want to feel like him when I work with a marketing company.

In fact, I’m thinking about buying.

The problem many businesses have is that their websites don’t show people what success looks like.

They show pictures of buildings, mountain ranges, yoga poses, wooden walls, their staff team, and a bunch of other stuff that has nothing to do with their brand or the products they sell. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help your customers move forward in their journey toward purchasing your product.

People are on your website for one reason: they want something in their life to change.

Your customers have a problem and they want your help solving it. And while you have to talk about the problem clearly, you can’t stop there.

If your customers’ lives won’t look different after doing business with you, there’s no reason to do business with you.

You have to show your customers how their life will be different after buying your product. Keep the story moving toward the ending your potential customers are hoping for.

One of the most foundational principles of storytelling is Show, don’t tell. This applies directly to your website.

Consider how you respond to a sentence that says, “This will make you happy.” What about, “This will make you really happy.” Personally, I’m not convinced.

What about this:

Whoa. Totally different!

When I see that picture, I smile without even realizing it. In fact, study after study has shown that I’m not the only one.

Happiness is contagious.

What studies on happiness tell us is that it spreads. When we see a facial expression, we mimic it to see what it means and how it feels. This subconscious instinct makes us take on the emotions of the people around us.

The same thing happens when we see images of people.

What this means is that when we put pictures of happy people on our websites, we actually make our customers happier. And they associate that emotion with our brand.

But when you put a picture of your building or your product on your website, it causes zero emotions in your customers.

When you put images on your website that show people what their lives will look like after buying your product—that they will be happy, successful, healed, etc.—they see that emotion and take it on. They imagine themselves that way.

That’s so powerful!

How much more likely to buy is someone who is experiencing happy and successful emotions when they think of your product!

So here’s what I want you to do: Head to your website and replace every image you can with a picture of a happy person.

Someone who is enjoying your product or the success that comes from using your product.

I worked with a Doctor of Osteopathy who uses a special treatment to heal people’s joints. On her website, there isn’t a single picture of her treating someone. Instead, the images show people hiking, biking, playing soccer with their grandkids. Engaging in activities that they couldn’t before when their joints caused them too much pain.

I’ve worked with two janitorial services companies. Before, both had pictures of empty, clean rooms. One had a video of a staff member cleaning floors. Those don’t depict the success that companies are looking for.

We switched those images out for happy facilities managers and confident business people in clean rooms. That’s what they want to experience!

No matter what you do or sell, there is a way to show your customers the success and happiness they will experience after doing business with you.

So go upgrade your photos. Then send me an email (ryan@clearbrandco.com) telling me how much your sales went up after this one change.

If you want more tips to make more money with your website, scroll down and fill in your name and email and I’ll send you a free PDF with some more ideas.

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